Live Broadcast

Live Broadcast Your Event

Live online events have never been in more demand and now you can live broadcast your event to your website or any social media platform you want. No matter the size of your event we've got you covered.

We can offer multiple cameras, professional sound, custom graphics, green screens, lights, and can roll pre-recorded video.


For 36 years the City of Tustin has put on the world's largest one day chili cook off event. Then the year 2020 came along (we have a feeling a lot of history books are going to read that way), and for a while it didn't look like the event was going to be able to take place. Not wanting to give up and cancel for their 37th year, they gave us a call to see if there were any options.

In the end the City decided the best option was to host their first ever Live Virtual Chili Cook Off. This allowed the event to continue and for everyone to abide by rules such as social distancing, wearing masks, keeping the set sanitized, etc to keep everyone involved healthy.

For this event Studio Three Sixty provided all the equipment needed for the live broadcast, 3 cameras to get live shots from their 3 different sets, lights, a green screen, sound, custom stingers, we rolled pre-recorded video supplied by them, and graphics.

The event was a success and watched by thousands.